Set up your next online event in less than 10 minutes

How can Deal Room keep your events thriving during coronavirus?

We are committed to helping all of your events reach success, even during this time of crisis. Deal Room has worked with hundreds of event organizers, and we have remained agile in our dedication to building connections by releasing a new line of features for complete online event management.

Keep your audiences engaged and your community strong with:

  • 1-on-1 online meetings
  • Multispeaker streaming
  • Online workshops and roundtables
  • Exhibitor/partner visibility

We offer an all-in-one solution to ensure your business will continue growing. 

Set up your next online event in less than 10 minutes.

Success in Networking and Event Management

Success in Networking and Event Management

Deal Room is the most effective event matchmaking and networking app with full event management capabilities. It brings staggering value to events, attendees, sponsors and exhibitors with its modern event management setup.

Event management in a single tool

Event management in single tool Illustration

Share your event info via Deal Room

Share your attendee, exhibitor, partner, sponsor, speaker lists and agenda without worrying about regulations like GDPR.

Gain powerful control of the event flow

Deal Room’s platform is streamlined for effective agenda planning, and attendee, speaker and exhibitor management.

Integrate with all popular ticketing tools

Deal Room is compatible with Tito, Eventbrite, XING. Any other ticketing system only takes a few minutes to integrate.

Brand Deal Room for your event

You can apply associated logos, visuals and colors of your brand into the interface.

Better ROI and Lead Collection

Make your exhibitors, sponsors and partners visible to every attendee

Increase digital visibility of the event partners and sponsors. Deal Room allows your sponsors to be visible in every communication channel, attendees profiles and emails banners across the platform.

Quick and easy check-in process

Exhibitors can continuously scan attendees badges to check them into activities at their booths, such as gift handouts, lectures or workshops. This data can be later used to track booth performance.

Better ROI and Lead Collection Illustration

On-site check-in, badge printing, and management

On-site check-in & badge printing and management Illustration

Quick and easy check-in process

Speed up check-in process, both for venue entrance and particular sessions. Our dedicated reception dashboard allows you to manage access between organizers and staff members.

Badge printing

Deal Room provides a design tool and efficient flow for badge printing and management.

Gary Vee Photo

"How many deals are actually done in this event was staggering to me. Deal Room brings value! This to me is the modern setup for event marketing. Big shout out to you guys for what you are doing!"

Gary Vee - CEO at VaynerX

Break the ice before the event

Event participants engage in networking right away

Attendees can plan their valuable time in advance by sending meeting invitations as soon as they register for the event.

Deal Room as a search engine for your event

Deal Room provides an option to easily look up attendees, partners, sponsors and exhibitors profiles, venue and booth locations, as well as event programs in advance.

Full control of meeting tables and rooms

Dedicated zone for networking, “Deal Room Meeting Area”, where attendees can easily meet each other at pre-assigned tables.

Ice-break before the event Illustration

Day of The Event

The Event Day Illustration

Attendees can scan QR codes of people they meet

No more pains of typing names to find each other on social media, scan and save contact information in quick and easy way.

Attendees will get handy reminders and never miss their meetings

Deal Room sends SMS, Email and Push notifications to remind 1 on 1 meetings, registrations to workshops, stage talks, roundtables and, more.

Deal Room provides a convenient way to see all necessary info at a glance

It's never been easier to quickly check event program, personal agenda, meeting info or venue map on the go.

Lightning-fast online technical support

Real time online chat is accessible directly from web application. Our support team provides service with response time less than 15 minutes, 24/7. Attendees can choose the most suitable communication channel, such as live chat or email.

After the event

Connect after event is done

Deal Room enables attendees to reconnect and follow up with leads and connections after the event.

Meetings Rating & Notes

Sort past meetings, store insights and collect leads.

No more scanning of business cards!

Download all connections and collected leads to database.

After The Event Illustration
Aleksandra Mangus Photo

"I think that we were match-made in heaven."

Aleksandra Mangus - Global MIL Youth Hackathon & Accelerator Co-Organiser at UNESCO

Online Analytics

Online Analytics Illustration

See the impact of your event by its real numbers

Figure out how many connections happened through various channels of communication such as meeting invitations and chats.

Get in-depth analytics and know what to improve for your next event

Get full report on your event’s performance and an advice from experienced event industry professionals.

Why Deal Room?

Smart Networking


Effective One on One

Meeting Scheduling

Easy Integration

to other Tools

Event Expertise and

Revenue Generation

Agile User Support

(Online Chat and Email)

86% Overall


*Deal Room Event Surveys

with Participants and

Event Organizers





One on One Meeting Scheduling

Easy Integration

to other Tools

Why Deal Room?



and Revenue


Agile User Support

(Online Chat

and Email)

86% Overall


*Deal Room Event Surveys with Participants and Event Organizers

James Hewes Photo

"We decided to go with Deal Room only 4 weeks before the event went live and within a couple of days we had everything signed, we had Deal Room set up. It was incredibly easy to do, and actually it was the most painless solution we've ever encountered, so it was fantastic."

James Hewes - President & CEO at FIPP

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